CPVC High Voltage Power Pipe

CPVC High Voltage Power Pipe

CPVC buried high voltage power cable protective tube is mainly made of CPVC resin with excellent heat resistance and insulation performance. CPVC products are recognized as green environmental protection products at present, and their excellent physical and chemical properties are paid more and more attention by the industry. The CPVC buried high-voltage power cable protective tube is a rigid straight-wall tube with smooth inner and outer walls, orange-red color, bright and eye-catching color. Compared with the common UPVC double-wall corrugated tube, the heat-resistant temperature of the tube is increased by 15 C. It can keep the deformation in the environment above 93 C, and has sufficient strength. The product can withstand over 30,000 volts of high pressure, the ring stiffness reaches 10 kph, which is obviously higher than the requirements of the relevant departments of the state for buried plastic pipes. The material has good low-temperature impact property, so it can withstand 1 kg of the heavy hammer at 0 C and humidity, and impact force at 2 m height. Because its chlorine content is obviously higher than that of PVC, it’s flame retardancy and smoke density index are higher. More obvious improvement. The buried high-voltage power cable protective pipe has the advantages of lightweight, high strength, simple construction and laying method, which can realize excavation and burial at night, backfill road surface and open to traffic as usual during the day, and adopt elastic sealing rubber ring socket connection, which makes installation and connection convenient, fast and has good sealing performance, and can prevent groundwater leakage and effectively protect groundwater. Safety of power cable protection. Because of the corrosion resistance and aging resistance of PVC-C material, its service life can be more than 50 years.


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