Why does the PPR pipe have wall thickness deviation

Why does the PPR pipe have wall thickness deviation For those in the non-PPR pipe and pipe fittings industry, it may be considered that the PPR wall thickness is a standard fixed value, but in fact, this is not the case. Regardless of the length, diameter, or wall thickness of the PPR pipe, there are deviations, and this objective deviation is also The china GT/T1874-22002 standard clarifies the permitted existence. So why is there a deviation in the parameters of the [...]

plastic faucet

what is pvc faucet

Faucet is a popular name for water valves. It is used to control the flow of water. It is a must in family life and an indispensable part of every family. pvc faucet We are a professional PVC faucets manufacturer. The faucets we produce have the characteristics of rich colors, beautiful appearance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, high-pressure resistance, non-toxic and tasteless. The PVC faucet we produce is frost-resistant, frost-resistant, and low-temperature resistant. It adopts a double water nozzle design, opens and disassembles, thickens the pipe [...]

How to weld large diameter PPR pipe

How to weld large diameter PPR pipe? In plumbing engineering, we often use PPR pipes and fittings, so how to weld large-diameter PPR pipes? The pipeline contractor is also very confused, let’s explain. Generally, PPR pipes with diameters below D63 (including D63) are connected by socket hot melt; D75-D160 PPR pipes can be connected by socket hot melt or butt hot melt welding. Large-diameter PPR pipes are generally used for butt welding ppr pipe. Large diameter socket fuser Large diameter butt fusion device The [...]

Is the heavier the PPR fittings the better

Is the heavier the PPR fittings the better? PPR Pipe fittings such as PPR elbows or PPR tees are generally divided into all-plastic pipe fittings and copper embedded pipe fittings, so we will discuss the weight of the two PPR pipe fittings separately. First of all, whether it is all-plastic PPR pipe fittings or copper-inlaid pipe fittings, the PPR raw materials are used in the plastic part. The density of pure PPR raw materials is between 0.89g/cm³ -0.91g/cm³ . There are different PPR [...]

How to deal with the burst of PVC pipe fittings

How to deal with the burst of PVC pipe fittings PVC pipes can be seen everywhere in life, mainly because they are relatively light and easy to install and repair. Even if the household pipe is broken, you can repair it yourself. So what should I do if the PVC pipe fittings burst? Treatment method after bursting of PVC pipe fittings: 1. The number of leaks after the water pipe bursts is generally directly related to the water pressure in the pipe. [...]

What Types of Pipes Are Used for Underground Water Supply Lines

Most people don’t know what types of pipes need to be used for underground water supplies. Here, we have given some ideas that can be followed. What Types of Pipes Are Used for Underground Water Supply Lines? pvc pipe What types of pipes are used for underground water supply lines? This is one of the most typical questions we are asked several times. Water supplies are crucial in ensuring sufficient water in our house. Maybe we want to run water to our roof, [...]

ppr male coupling

In plumbing engineering, these ppr fittings are indispensable

In plumbing engineering, these ppr accessories are indispensable. When using PPR pipes in plumbing engineering, what accessories are needed? 1. ppr elbow In plumbing engineering, PPR pipes need to be used when the direction of the pipe needs to be changed. The size of the ppr elbow should be matched with the PPR pipe. If it does not match, the welding will definitely not be firm. As soon as water flows, it leaks. However, for PPR pipelines in pipeline engineering, the fewer [...]

pvc pipe and fitting connection

What are the interface methods of PVC water supply pipe and fittings

What are the interface methods of PVC water supply pipe and fittings? pvc pipe and fitting connection The interface methods of PVC pipes and fittings are based on different environments, and the interface methods are different. Today we will learn about the interface methods of PVC water supply pipes and fittings.   1. There are usually three methods for the connection of PVC water supply pipes: rubber ring connection, glue connection, and flange connection.    (1) The rubber ring interface method is to [...]

ppr pipe and fittings

Advantages of PPR PIPE

Advantages of PPR PIPE PPR pipe is a new type of energy-saving pipeline product, which mainly has the following characteristics: (1) Lightweight: density is 0.91g/cm3, ppr tube is only one-ninth of steel pipe, and one-tenth of copper pipe. Due to its lightweight, it can greatly reduce the transportation cost and the construction intensity of installation. (2) Hygienic and non-toxic green building materials: PPR pipes are polyolefin thermoplastics, whose molecules are only composed of carbon and hydrogen, without harmful and toxic elements, and [...]

water supply pipe

best pipe for water supply

water supply pipe Drinking water pipes are totally basic facilities for any sanitation system in homes, premises, or offices. Choosing the right type of material for your drinking water connections is a key factor for its proper functioning. Therefore, in this post, we will teach you the types of drinking water pipes and which is the best option. Plastic Water Pipes They are used in all types of installations, there is even some heat-resistant plastic pipe that can be used in heating [...]

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