Adhesion method of PVC pipe fittings

Adhesion method of PVC pipe fittings

When installing PVC pipes, they are often used together with PVC pipe fittings. However, some users may have water leakage or pipe fittings damaged in the installation process. The first reaction is that it is caused by material problems, but the most frequent problem is due to problems when PVC pipe fittings are glued.

1. Bonding method of PVC pipe fittings

A. Before bonding, PVC pipes and PVC pipe fittings should be used for trial insertion once. Under normal circumstances, when the trial insertion reaches 1 / 2-1 / 3 of the specified depth, the fitting clearance is ideal. The proper fitting clearance of PVC pipes and PVC pipe fittings is the premise to ensure the bonding effect.

B. The connection between PVC riser and horizontal branch pipe shall be installed with inclined tee or four-way pipe. Two PVC fitting 45 ° elbows or one PVC fitting 45 ° elbow and one PVC fitting 45 ° tee shall be used for connection between the outlet horizontal pipe and the riser

These two methods can not only reduce the chance of pipe blockage, but also reduce the formation of water tongue at the joint.

2. Key points for adhesion of PVC pipe fittings

The size of PVC pipe fittings and pipes shall conform to the corresponding standards and specifications; if the fit gap is too small, it is quite difficult to insert them to the specified depth due to too much resistance after the application of adhesive, especially for the pipe fittings with large caliber. The operator may have the following possibilities:

A. When the PVC pipe fittings are inserted in half, they can no longer be pushed in place. At this time, they can neither enter nor exit

B. Although it is not inserted in place, it can make good use of it. As a result, it is out of joint and leaking during the shallow pressure test.

C. A sledgehammer is used to pad the board and smash it forcibly. Although this method can be inserted to the specified depth, the method is improper. Especially in high temperature weather, the adhesive will solidify quickly after brushing. When the bonding surface is being solidified, it is still forced to insert with the help of external force, resulting in the decrease of bonding strength, leaving a hidden danger to the normal operation of the pipeline;

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