PE pipe storage and maintenance

PE pipe storage and maintenance

PE pipe is a widely used building material, but PE pipe has a service life, how to maintain it?

1. PE pipes should be stacked according to different specifications. The pipes below DN25 can be bundled. The coiled pipes should have the same length and the weight should not exceed 50Kg; the pipe fittings should be packed according to different varieties and specifications; products from production to The storage period between uses should not exceed one year, and the principle of “first in, first out” must be adhered to when distributing materials. When using a forklift, soft grass or foam can be placed on the forklift to avoid loss during handling.

2. PE pipes should be stacked horizontally on a flat mat. The width of the mat should not be less than 75mm, the spacing should not be greater than 1m~1.5m, the overhang of the two ends of the pipe should not exceed 0.5m, and the stacking height should not exceed 1.5m. The pipe fittings are stacked layer by layer, and should not be stacked too high.

As for the maintenance of PE pipes, it is probably the following aspects:

1. Pay attention to anti-blocking. It is common for the drainage and sewage pipes to be blocked, and one of the reasons for the blockage is that a certain section of the water pipe is stuck with a foreign body. Blocked water pipes not only trouble our lives but also cause excessive local pressure on the water pipes, which affects the life of the water pipes. To avoid clogging, we can add a floor drain at the outlet of the drainage pipe to prevent excessive foreign matter from entering the water pipe.

2. Prevent the PE pipe from being exposed to the sun or too cold for a long time. Try not to lay exposed water pipes or wrap the exposed areas with insulation materials. The water in the water pipes should be drained at night in the cold winter. If it is a gas PE pipe, it must be covered underground, because the underground temperature is relatively stable, and it will not cause unnecessary loss of PE pipe fittings due to weather.

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