Causes of brittle failure of upvc industrial pipes

Causes of brittle failure of upvc industrial pipes

   UPVC industrial pipe has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, non-deformation, smooth inner wall, non-scaling, good heat insulation, non-conductive, convenient bonding, and long service life. So, what are the reasons for brittle failure when using this product? Let’s get to know it together.

   1. Reason introduction:

  1. Impact of air hammer: UPVC fails to discharge the air in the pipe or improper setting of the exhaust valve. When there is gas in the pipeline, it is easy to generate air pockets in the pipeline. Although the airbags in the pipeline do not directly cause water hammer, they can cause damage through water hammer. Under normal circumstances, the water flow in the pipeline can be approximately regarded as a constant flow.
   2. The impact of scratches: During installation and transportation, the surface of the UPVC industrial pipe is damaged by scratches and bumps. According to the crack theory of brittle failure, these scratches will concentrate the stress on the top part of the scratch, which is much higher than the average stress of the pipe. When the stress reaches and exceeds a certain critical value, the crack will grow. Because UPVC industrial pipe is a brittle material, cracks expand rapidly, leading to brittle failure.

   2. Matters needing attention:

1. The pipes of upvc industrial pipes should be concealed on the ground and positioned according to the design drawings. If there are any changes in site construction, graphic records should be provided.
   2. Indoor exposed pipes should be carried out after the civil engineering powder is completed. Before installation, holes or casings should be embedded correctly in conjunction with civil engineering.
   3. When penetrating through walls, steel casing pipes should be installed in line with civil construction. When the cold water pipe passes through the wall, a hole can be reserved, and the size of the hole is 50 mm larger than the outer diameter of the pipe.
   The above introduction is about the cause of the brittle failure of the upvc industrial pipeline. According to the content of the above editor, the brittle damage of this product is mainly caused by air hammer and scratches. Please follow the above precautions when using

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