How to connect cast iron drain pipe and pvc pipe

PVC pipes and cast iron pipes can be seen everywhere in our daily life, whether it is home improvement or industrial drainage, they may be used, so if you encounter a situation, it is necessary to connect cast iron drainage pipes and pvc pipes, then yes How is it connected?

How to connect cast iron drain pipe and pvc pipe

     1. Seal the interface with a plugging spirit.

     2. Use a PVC head to reduce the diameter, insert the iron pipe into the reducer, do not move it after inserting it, let it be fixed.

     3. First, use the cast iron welding rod to change the cast iron pipe into the water in the vertical direction, preset a joint at the top of the subsequent pipe, and then connect the PVC pipe of your house to the joint, and align the joint with the one of your house. hole. Then in the cast iron joint, put waterproof putty around the pvc pipe, and then put on waterproof glue.

Flexible cast iron drainage pipe and pvc pipe connection

1. If the socket on the cast iron pipe (the big end of the cast iron pipe) is still there, directly insert the PVC pipe with the same diameter as the cast iron pipe.

  2. First, use oil hemp silk to wind around the outside of the PVC pipe (a bit thicker than the seam after the socket, and ram it into the seam with a tool.

  3. Then mix some cement with a small amount of water (it should be dry, the cement is basically loose after mixing), insert a small amount of cement into the seam, and smash it firmly with a tool.

  4. After ramming the linseed wire around the outside of the PVC pipe into the seam, insert a small amount of cement into the seam to make it firm.

  5. Repeat this a few times until there is no seam, and then finish it. Finally, just light the opening with a little damp cement.

  6. If the original cast iron pipe does not have a big mouth, then use a PVC outer pipe to put it on the cast iron pipe first. The connection method of the PVC outer pipe and the cast iron pipe is the same as above.


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