Advantages and applications of PVC drainage pipes

The main raw material of the PVC-U pipeline series is PVC resin, with appropriate stabilizers, lubricants, fillers, and toners added. Rapid extrusion or injection molding Compared with traditional pipes, various all-plastic products have the advantages of a lightweight, corrosion resistance, low water resistance, energy-saving, quick installation, and low cost.

PVC-U drainage pipe is a series of drainage pipe products with mature technology, which has been widely used at home and abroad. The product has the advantages of long life and corrosion resistance than cast iron pipes can’t match; it is lighter in construction, easy to handle, and easy to connect; it is widely used in civil construction drainage, chemical drainage, rainwater, and other fields.

PVC-U drainage pipe is a kind of plastic pipe with the largest consumption in water supply and drainage projects. The installation of drainage pipes generally depends on the slope of the pipeline to achieve the flow effect. Since the inner wall of the PVC-U drainage pipe is very smooth, its roughness coefficient is 0.008~0.009, so under the same inner diameter.

The flow rate of PVC drainage pipes is much greater than that of metal pipes, and the long-term use of the pipe will not adhere to scale, so the flow rate will not be reduced. In addition, the acid, alkali, and corrosion resistance characteristics of PVC drainage pipes are added.
It is one of the most practical pipes for sewer engineering pipelines.

Features of PVC-U drainage pipe

1. Strong corrosion resistance, not affected by corrosive soil and various drinking water:
2. The inner wall is smooth, and the friction resistance is smaller than that of conventional materials;
3. Pipes and fittings will not rust, so there will be no changes in corrosion and shrinkage inside:
4. The exterior wall of the building will not be polluted due to the rest of the pipeline, ensuring that the value of the building will not be damaged:
5. There are many styles and completeness of pipe fittings, which can be suitable for various design and installation requirements;
6. Easy to install, no need for regular maintenance;
7 The weight is one-fifth to one-sixth of the cast iron pipe, easy to transport and operate:
8. Adopt glue bonding, simple, fast, economical, and efficient;
9. Tasteless, odorless, non-toxic;
10. Cheaper than conventional materials;
11.The life span can reach more than 50 years under normal use conditions!

Pipeline socket connection procedure operation

1.Wipe clean the pipe sockets and pipe fitting sockets before bonding and connecting.
2.Measure the depth of the socket and mark the pipe port.
3.Apply adhesive, first coat the socket and then the socket, the coating is even and appropriate.
4.Align the direction, insert into the marking part at a time, and rotate 1/4 turn.
5.Wipe off the remaining adhesive on the socket.
6.Let the bonded pipe standstill until the joint is cured.

Adhesive safe use specification

1. Adhesives and detergents should be used as soon as they are opened, and non-operators are not allowed to use them.
2. There should be no open flame at the glue point and good ventilation.
3. It is not suitable for construction below -10℃, and the bonding points should not be baked with fire.
4. Construction personnel should be equipped with gloves. When the adhesive gets into the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and send to the hospital for treatment.

Application field

The drainage network of the building. Construction of sewage pipe network.
The pipe network is used for the piping system of the water treatment plant. Irrigation pipe network, normal industrial drainage.

Pipes and fittings made of PVC-U have many advantages.
They are a safe choice for drinking water transportation, light and easy to operate and at a reasonable price.
Technical characteristics include high mechanical properties, high durability, high chemical resistance, and resistance to ultraviolet radiation.
In addition, PVC-U pipes have good environmental protection characteristics and are recyclable.

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