what is Classification of plastic fittings?

what is Classification of plastic fittings?

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Plastic pipes are generally divided into water supply, drainage, power communication pipes, etc. according to their uses; PVC, CPVC, PE, PPR, HDPE, PP, Pb, etc. according to their materials. Plastic fittings are very complicated. For example, the common water supply pipe fittings are Plastic fitting coupling, Plastic fitting elbow, Plastic fitting tee, Plastic fitting reducing tee, Plastic fitting reducing sleeve,Plastic fitting male thread tee, straight, Plastic fitting female thread elbow, Plastic fitting external thread tee, straight, elbow, stop valve,Plastic fitting pipe cap, etc., and the specification and use must be matched; the general hose head is connected to us, and the general threaded fittings are 1 / 2. Drainage accessories include straight,Plastic elbow,Plastic straight tee, Plastic reducing tee, reducing sleeve, big and small head, water trap, expansion joint, ventilation, Plastic fitting cross, Plastic fitting 4 way fitting, Plastic fitting Y tee, rainwater bucket, etc.

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