DIY PVC pipe vertical vegetable

DIY PVC pipe vertical vegetable

You can grow vegetables in your own house with PVC-U pipes. Save space and decorate your house well.

How to grow vegetables with PVC-U tube

1. First, choose PVC-U pipe and saw. The actual length shall be measured according to the distance between the balcony, house or other places.

pvc pipe

2. Draw a 5cm horizontal line on each 10cm of PVC pipe, and then saw the PVC pipe

pvc pipe 1

pvc pipe 2

pvc pipe 3


3. After sawing PVC pipe, bake it with fire, take a small pipe and press it down while it is hot (do not press it directly by hand)

pvc pipe 4

4. Install the bottom cover

pvc pipe 5

5. Put in soil, transplant and finish.

pvc pipe 6

pvc pipe 7

Why PVC-U water supply pipe is better

1. The water supply pipe can only be used after strict environmental protection test, but the drain pipe does not have high requirements for environmental protection;

2. PVC-U water supply series pipes do not use lead salt stabilizer, so they are non-toxic,

3. The fluid resistance is small, and the inner wall of the pipe is smooth,

4. Excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance

5. It has good pressure resistance, impact resistance and tensile strength



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