what is pvc elbow?

PVC elbow is divided into PVC water supply elbow and PVC drainage elbow.

pvc elbow has pvc 90 degree elbow and pvc 45 degree elbow.These two types of elbows include”:PVC reducing elbow,pvc male elbow,pvc female elbow.

Pvc elbow has many stanards:sch40,sch80,ASTM D2665

PVC elbow is designed to turn the flow of a liquid.This allows for the configuration of a piping system to fit in an existing location. Often in home plumbing, for example, the plumbing needs to turn to flow where it is needed to avoid existing structures in the home or access outside lines. This 90 degree or 45 degree turn improves the function and design options for the system. The PVC material makes these an affordable and durable option for the home plumbing system as well as laboratories, factories and other commercial applications.

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