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We are a  PVC garden hoses manufacturer and pvc garden hose fitting manufacturer. We have advanced R&D centers and production equipment, and strict quality control management.

graduate School

  graduate School

pvc garden hose production workshop


   pvc garden hose production workshop

Strict quality inspection

Our pvc garden hose adopts a three-layer review structure to increase the durability of the water pipe, prevent the growth of algae, and is elastic in resistance to pulling.
Inner layer (water-conducting layer): The inner tube wall is made of high-quality PVC material, and the light-blocking material can prevent the growth and corrosion of edema fungi and algae. Keep the pvc hose clean and unobstructed to allow plants to grow better.
Intermediate layer (explosion-proof layer): It is cross-woven with strong tensile fiber-reinforced wire with winding mesh technology, which has anti-explosion, anti-internal pressure, and anti-pulling properties.
Outer layer (skin layer): wear-resistant and light-blocking material, anti-UV radiation, prevent aging of the water pipe, anti-folding and pressure resistance, good sliding property, greatly improving the service life of the water pipe.

The unique advantages of the pvc garden hose we produce:

1 Cold resistance: under normal atmospheric pressure, it does not harden at minus five degrees, and is still soft
2 Light resistance: light-blocking and heat-resistant material, resistant to 65°C, anti-UV and anti-aging.
3 Folding resistance: the pvc hose is flexible, and can be restored to its original shape after being discounted, leaving no creases.

Our pvc garden hoses remain intact after being bent, while other brands of flower pvc garden hoses start to turn white after being bent.

4 Abrasion resistance: The surface coating significantly reduces the friction when dragging the water pipe, facilitates sliding over obstacles, and is not easy to stick weeds or dirt on the surface.

This video shows the quality of our pvc garden hose is very good

pvc garden hose and joint connection
1 Unscrew the joint nut 2 Insert the water pipe into the nut to buckle 3 Tighten the nut


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