PE-RT pipe and fitting connection method

PE-RT pipe and fitting connection method

PE-RT pipe and fittings commonly used connection method is generally divided into: hot melt butt connection. Advantages of hot melt butt connection: 1. The project cost can be reduced without the use of electric melting pipe fittings. 2. Simple maintenance of machinery and tools

Hot melt butt connection, is the use of hot melt butt welding machine, the use of heating after fusion butt fusion, by cooling fixed and connected together. The welding of pe-rt pipe and fittings is generally divided into three stages: heating stage, switching stage and butt stage.


The welding process of pe-rt pipes and fittings is as follows:

Material preparation: the roundness of the pipe used for welding fittings should be higher than the standard value. A cutting margin of 10-20mm should be left when cutting.


Tighten: for the PE-RT pipe connection, the two pipes to be welded should be placed on the flat ground to clamp the pipes according to the welded pipe fitting to replace the basic fixture, select the appropriate slip, the welded pipe segment must be clamped before cutting.


Cutting: cut the impurities and oxide layer on the end face of the welded pipe segment to ensure the smooth and smooth end face of the two butt joints.


Alignment: the wrong side of two welded pipe segments should be as small as possible. If the wrong side is large, it will lead to stress concentration. The wrong side should not exceed 10% of the wall thickness.


Heating: ensure that there is enough molten material to allow the molecules to diffuse in case of fusion docking.


Switching: the period from the end of heating to the beginning of melting butt is the switching period. To ensure the quality of melting butt, the shorter the switching period, the better.


Hot – melt butt: it is the key of welding.

Hot melt docking

Cooling: due to the poor thermal conductivity of plastic materials, the cooling rate is correspondingly slow. Weld material shrinkage, structure formation process in a long time at a slow speed. Therefore, the weld cooling must be carried out under a certain pressure.


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