What meaning does S5 and S4 represent on PPR pipe

1. What meaning does S5 and S4 represent on PPR pipe?

PPR pipes are divided into five series of S5, S4, S3.2, S2.5 and S2, and the corresponding pressure classes are different according to the total utilization coefficient C of the pipeline system:

When C=1.25, corresponding nominal pressure 1.25,1.6,2.0,2.5,3.2MPa;

When C=1.5, it corresponds to the nominal pressure of 1.0,1.25,1.6,2.0 and 2.5MPa respectively.

These five series of cold and hot water pipes can be used, but as a result of PPR pipe in the case of higher temperature service life will be greatly reduced, so in the selection of hot water pipe than cold water pipe to choose a higher pressure level.

According to the national standard, the pipe series of pipe fitting is the same as the pipe, but due to the variety of pipe fitting is too many, many manufacturers only produce one or two S series. Please use the S2 sent to you by the manufacturer, the highest grade. And the pipe fitting pressure class higher is better.

Pp-r pipes have four series of pipes, S5, S4, S3.2 and S2.5, etc. Generally there are two series of pipes for hot water pipes, S3.2 and S2.5, and three series of pipes for cold water pipe system, S5, S4 and S3.2. In piping design, the safety factor may be 1.25 or 1.5 according to different requirements.

Generally, s5 and s4 are used for cold water pipe, s3.2 and s2.5 are used for hot water pipe.

PPR tube specification S5 series –1.25 mpa (12.5 kg)

PPR tube specification S4 series –1.6 mpa (16 kg)

PPR tube specification S3.2 series –2.0 mpa (20 kg)

PPR tube S2 series –2.5 mpa (25 kg)


2. Technical answer of PPR tube

What is the technical name of PPR?

PPR pipe officially known as random copolymer polypropylene pipe, is currently the most used in the home installation of a water supply pipeline.

Why do PPR pipes have different colors?

This is due to the difference in the raw material PPR particles. So the pyelsa pipe is white and the white butterfly is gray, which does not represent the quality level of the product.

PPR water pipes are divided into cold water pipes and hot water pipes.

PPR pipe is divided into cold water pipe and hot water pipe, the difference is that the cold water pipe has blue marking line, hot water pipe is red line.

What are the characteristics of PPR water connection technology?

The interface of PPR pipe adopts hot melt technology, and the pipes are fully integrated, so once the installation pressure test passes, water will never leak again, and the reliability is very high.

What are the disadvantages of PPR water pipes?

The main defects of PPR water pipe are: high temperature resistance, pressure resistance is slightly worse, long-term working temperature can not exceed 70℃; Each section is of limited length and cannot be bent. If the distance of pipe laying is long or the corner is too much, a large number of joints will be used in the construction. Pipes are cheap but fittings are relatively expensive. Nevertheless, from comprehensive can go up tell, PPR tube is the tube material with higher cost performance at present, become the first choice material that the home installs conduit to transform so. Relative to other several kinds of pipe: galvanized iron pipe because of numerous shortcomings, the ministry of construction has been banned in 2000; Although aluminum-plastic pipe has good high temperature resistance and convenient construction, when it is used as hot water pipe, its wall will be misaligned due to long-term thermal expansion and cold contraction, resulting in leakage. Copper pipe is durable and environmentally friendly, but not widely used due to high price and high construction requirements.

How are the specifications of PPR water pipes classified?

There are two main indicators:

The pipe diameter of PPR tube can be from 16mm to 160mm, the main thing that is used in domestic outfit is 20mm, 25mm two kinds (commonly known as 4 in charge, 6 in charge respectively), among which 4 in charge use more.

the wall thickness is 2.8mm and 3.4mm.

The dealer will say that the latter bearing capacity is larger than the former, this group does not think so, since the manufacturer produces 2.8 wall thickness, must be through an experiment certification, its can withstand the water pressure must reach the national standard, since 2.8 can do why to produce 3.4, kill chicken with cattle knife; At the same time, the thicker the pipe wall, the smaller the inner diameter of the pipe, the water flow will be smaller.

What other components do PPR pipes have besides water fittings?

There are 4 kinds of common PPR pipe joints, which are generally welded to the water pipe:

A. ppr fitting coupling: used to connect two pipes when the pipe is not long enough.

B. ppr fitting Elbow: divided into right Angle bend and 45 bend, used when the pipe needs to corner.


C. ppr fitting Tee: water pipe connecting three directions.


D. PPR Reducing coupling: connect two water pipes with different diameters, and the above mentioned beam joints, elbow and tee have corresponding size heads, which are rarely used in home decoration.

PPR FITTING MALE COUPLING, PPR FITTING FEMALE COUPLING: connect bibcock, water meter, other kind of type conduit is used, what most USES in domestic outfit is inside silk piece. Inner wire and outer wire connections are more expensive, a wire connection is more expensive than even a meter of water pipe


Ppr fitting over bend: when two pipes meet on the same plane but not in connection.

end cap: also call PLUG, after the pipe is installed to temporarily close the outlet, when the installation of bibcock off.


How does PPR conduit quality judge?

First look at the appearance, the quality of the tube surface smooth, complete logo, accessories also have brand name; Inferior products cannot do this. Because the high-quality pipe USES 100% imported PPR raw materials, the inferior pipe only USES part of PPR raw materials, both in the performance aspect has the very big difference.

Toughness: good quality PPR pipe toughness, can be easily bent into a circle without breaking, and poor quality pipe is more fragile, a bend is broken.

Expansion of heat and contraction of cold: good water pipe in the high water temperature can still retain the hardness, and inferior pipe is in 60 degrees of water temperature was softened.

Service life: quality product warranty 50 years, quality products can only 5-6 years.

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